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Our boss and the plastic Association Secretary General Liu

Our factory has a strong design force. It has a group of advanced engineering technicians and technical worker...

Strong technical force

Strong technical force

Xinrong machinery, with its strong technical strength, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, has re...

Perfect after-sale service

Perfect after-sale service

Service commitment:Pre sales service: to provide you with project design, process design, suitable for your machine and ...


Shijiazhuang Xi Rong Machinery Co., Ltd.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of mixing, extrusion, granulating and molding equipment. We have experienced research personnel,...

How does the three screw granulator work
In the plastic granulating process, the speed of the three screw granulatio...
Some advantages and functions of three screw pelletizer in application
The three screw pelletizer has better shunting effect and more times of she...
Detailed introduction to the control system of three screw granulator
The control system of the three screw granulator includes the heating syste...